If breaking news happens to be fake, is it fraking news?

Image Episode 15: Training The Swamp on Vimeo Now in love, ABC and Toro take a train ride and learn about the evil nature of fake news. Merchandise: Support:…

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Image Puppetics Puppetics

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Image Puppetics on Vimeo Puppetics is right-leaning political satire through the use of puppets. Here is how to find us on social media: Gab: Satirical…

Included here is a beautiful song by Toro Cagando!

Image Episode 3: Ask Toro - YouTube Lemonhead and Lyin’ Brian promote the CNN version of Siri. A very diverse guest appears on Deniable Sources.This is a full episode. Follow us on social media...

Our Corona episode!

Image Episode 18: Epidemia on Vimeo Lemonhead and Lyin' Brian learn about pandemics past. Merchandise: Support: Website:…

All-new episodes soon!

All-new episodes soon!